MDG-F program will train 9,000 Bosnian youth in job skills


MDG-F program will train 9,000 Bosnian youth in job skills

Youth unemployment is a crucial issue facing Bosnia Herzegovina: nearly 60% of young people there are out of work, more than four times higher than youth in the rest of Europe. Many leave high school, or even college, without the skills they need to find and keep jobs, creating frustration and increasing the pressure to emigrate.

CNN reports that now, through a UN program funded by the MDG-F, unemployed young Bosnians are being trained to enter the job market. At youth centers around the country, young people are receiving information, counseling and training in a range of skills required by Bosnia Herzegovina's businesses. Some 550 unemployed youth are expected to get their first jobs this year; by early 2013, almost 9,000 will have benefitted from the program.

The Youth Employability and Retention program is a partnership between the Bosnian government, the UNDP, UNFPA, IOM, UNICEF, UNV and NGOs and civil society organizations. It is part of the global effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty and increasing access to quality education, with a particular focus on girls and women.

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