Dialogues 15i start: Development cooperation - New actors, new challenges


“15i Dialogues” bring, in the lead-up to a new development agenda, specialists, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and academics to share ideas for a sustainable world.  

The world has progressed and changed substantially in recent decades. With the Millennium Development Goals reaching the target date, the UN is working on a package of Sustainable Development Goals to be adopted in 2015 for another 15 years. As the debate on the post-2015 agenda evolves, 15i is a new initiative that is dedicated to exploring the “how” of global development or ways in which the world can respond to challenges of sustainable development for all.

In the 15i, “i” stands for ideas, insights, and inspiration; it also represents cherished principles in sustainable development such as innovation and inclusion. Through this new forum, the recently created UN Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG-F, http://www.sdgfund.org) and the Instituto Cervantes, want to create an open and equal platform through which the best ideas and experiences from specialists, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and academics around the world are gathered, shared and active conversations surrounding these ideas can be sparked. 15i is organized in the form of a set of interactive dialogues. For each 15i event, attendees are be invited to discuss their thoughts in answer to specific thematic questions concerning sustainable development.

The cycle started September 15 with a dialogue entitled ¨Development Cooperation - New actors, new challenges¨ setting the stage for future dialogues.


  • Bruno Moro, Director, Sustainable Development Goals Fund. Based on a development career of more than 30 years at the United Nations, Mr. Moro will share how he sees development cooperation changing and what initiatives have contributed to tackle problems such as poverty, climate change or exclusion in countries where he has worked.
  • Daniel Runde, director of the Project on Prosperity and Development and William A. Schreyer Chair in Global Analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C., will describe political and historical approaches to new challenges for development cooperation, including new priorities and new actors.
  • Jeffery Huffines, CIVICUS Representative in New York, will share how civil society is actively engaging in the post 2015 discussions and how civil society is evolving as a development partner and its role in this new development agenda.
  • Annette Richardson, from the United Nations Office for Partnerships, will describe how the private sector is finding new ways to participate in development initiatives that are inclusive and sustainable in the long-run.
  • David Ito, director of Tombo Productions and producer of humanitarian and development aid documentaries, will moderate this first 15i dialogue and will share his thoughts on how this new development landscape can be communicated and presented in a way that will encourage communities, governments and citizens to get involved and engage on these issues.

In future dialogues, 15i will bring ideas and experiences on how to achieve greater gender equality, environmental sustainability, reducing inequalities and using the worldview of indigenous peoples to better understand the challenges of development. If you are looking to be inspired, excited to get involved or even have your own ideas about how to build a more sustainable world, we invite you to join us and make a difference to the future.

Dialogues 15i are also available online (dialogues15i.sdgfund.org), where you can access the dialogues and participate in the conversations.

Contact information:

dialogues [at] sdgfund [dot] org (dialogues [at] sdgfund [dot] org)

To submit your questions and thoughts through Twitter:

#15idialogues @sdgfund

Web: newyork.cervantes.org / www.sdgfund.org

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