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Concepts and Challenges of Human Rights Based Local WatSan Governance

The lack of access to sufficient, acceptable, and affordable water and sanitation is deeply rooted in poverty, weak governance, power imbalance, and discrimination that directly impacts the lives of persons living in poverty and denies them a ... full view »


Incentive Mechanisms and Partnership Modalities for Water Supply Provision for the Poor

This study took stock of the existing policies, laws, issuances and rules and regulations that affect the level of investment at the local level, characterized by water service providers, from either public or private entities. It produced a ... full view »


Operationalizing the Rights Based Local WatSan Governance Framework

One of the key targets of the MDGF 1919 project is the development of capacities at the local level that will enable enhanced access to and provision of water services. While Volume I of the Handbook is aimed at providing the basic concepts ... full view »


Water Resource Management and Water Supply for the Poor

The MDG-Fund, in collaboration with the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance, the Department of Interior and Local Government, the National Economic and Development Authority, and the National ... full view »


Review of the National Government- Local Government- Local Government Unit. Cost-Sharing Policy for Water Supply and Sanitation

This study reviewed the National Government (NG) - Local Government Unit (LGU) cost-sharing policy specifically for water and sanitation. It looked at current experiences at national and international levels in cost-sharing arrangements and ... full view »


Assessment Report on Effective Mentoring Practices and Practitioners

This document tackles one of the two development issues in the water supply sector; the lack of local capacities to develop, operate and manage potable water utilities. The aim of this program, implemented by the Philippine Government and ... full view »


Menu of technological options

This Water, Sanitation and Health Project Implementation Manual (WSHPIM) describes the procedures to be followed in the project cycle for the Water, Sanitation and Health Sector and displays the basic principles, standards and criteria that ... full view »


Water Supply Study Rudo

Rudo Municipality is situated on the border triangle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro.

This report has four main objectives: 1) provide a current situation analysis of the water ... full view »


Water Supply Study Petrovo

Petrovo Municipality is located in the northeast part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

This report has four main objectives: 1) provide a current situation analysis of the water supply system of Petrovo as well as an analysis ... full view »


Water Supply Study Neum

Neum is a town and municipality located in the south of Hercegovina. It is Bosnia-Hercegovina’s only exit to the Adriatic Sea.

This report has four main objectives: 1) provide a current situation analysis of the water ... full view »