» Jointly Addressing Food and Nutrition Security: Sharing the practical findings from the MDG-F
» The Democratic and Transparent Governance of Water as a Goal Necessary to Meet the Objective of Environmental Sustainability and Building a Better World
» Can the MDGs provide a pathway to social justice? The challenge of intersecting inequalities
» Report of the Inequality and Social Justice Roundtable Consultation
» Time for Equity and Justice - Helen Clark
» Two Roads, One Goal: Dual Strategy for Gender Equality Programming
» Seeds of Knowledge: Contributing to Climate Change Solutions
» Fulfilling the promise of the Millennium Declaration - The MDG-F experience
» The MDG-F at work: Access to water and sanitation services
» From Global Agenda to National Action
» Advancing Gender Equality: Promising Practices

Thematic Studies and Results Indicators

» Conflict Prevention and Peace Building: Key Findings and Achievements
» Conflict Prevention and Peace Building - Development Results Report
» Culture and Development: Key Findings and Achievements
» Culture and Development - Development Results Report
» Democratic Economic Governance: Key Findings and Achievements
» Democratic Economic Governance - Development Results Report
» Environment and Climate Change: Key Findings and Achievements
» Environment and Climate Change - Development Results Report
» Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: Key Findings and Achievements
» Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment - Development Results Report
» Children, Food Security and Nutrition: Key Findings and Achievements
» Children, Food Security and Nutrition - Development Results Report
» Development and the Private Sector: Key Findings and Achievements
» Development and the Private Sector - Development Results Report
» Youth, Employment and Migration: Key Findings and Achievements
» Youth, Employment and Migration - Development Results Report

Joint Programming

» Request for no-cost extension
» Request for no-cost extension (template)
» MDG-F Joint Implementation Guidelines (Updated February 2011)
» MDG-F Joint Programme Final Narrative Report Template
» Guidance for the development of gender responsive Joint Programmes
» Concept Note format
» Standard UNDG Joint Programming Format
» Closing of MDG-F Joint Programmes
» UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO)
» MDG-F Monitoring Reports June 2010
» Final Evaluation - FAQ
» Final Evaluation - Generic ToRs (July 2012)
» Final Evaluation - Guidance Note on FE Reports
» Recommended Consultants for Final Evaluations

Workshops and Meetings

» MDG Fund Steering Committee Report June 2011
» MDG Fund Steering Committee Report September 2010
» Regional Joint Programming Workshop, Latin America and the Caribbean
» MDG-F Convenors Knowledge Management Meeting, Paris, France 2 April, 2009
» MDG-F Joint Programming Workshop: Casablanca, Morocco, March 23-25, 2009
» Presentation for UN participating agencies briefing, 30th January 2009
» MDG-F Regional Workshop for Africa, Arab States, Asia and Eastern Europe: Casablanca, Morocco, June 20-22, 2011


» Notes from the Secretariat to the Resident Coordinator

Lessons Learned

» Note from the Convenor (Youth, Employment and Migration)

Additional Resources

» The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011