Advocacy & Partnerships


Keeping the spotlight on the MDGs and ensuring they remain high on the political agenda will be critical to their achievement, particularly as the 2015 target date draws near. As Governments change we need to continuously engage in efforts that encourage leaders at all levels to be accountable to their citizens, particularly poor and excluded groups.

To help us accelerate progress on the MDGs and related goals while advancing collaborative UN efforts, the MDG-F articulated an Advocacy & Communications strategy. This approach aimed to strengthen citizens' participation in development efforts and to create clear advocacy interventions that pushed for more inclusive and responsive public policy and practice.

The strategy had one overall goal and three outcomes that were implemented within participating countries, globally and in Spain.

Overall Goal

Accelerate progress on the MDGs by raising awareness, strengthening broad-based support and increasing citizen engagement in MDG-related policy and practice.


Increased awareness and support for the MDGs and the Fund

  • Strategic partnerships with media for advocacy and accountability
  • Key dates and events: used to highlight the MDGs and ongoing work (e.g.2010 MDG Review)
  • Link with and support citizen groups in advocacy efforts
  • Work with UN Communication Groups for joint messaging on MDGs

Programmes are leveraged for increased MDG results, and citizen engagement in MDG policy is strengthened

  • Strengthen citizen participation in MDG policy and practice
  • Encourage adoption of positive policy frameworks based on programme results

Improved accountability and transparency towards all partners

  • Clear and consistent information about the MDG-F to all partners, including citizens, Governments, Donor and the UN.


The Fund recognized citizens’ participation as a key element to achieve the MDGs. As such, it promoted the active participation of citizens and civil society in MDG-F-funded joint programmes, both in terms of advocacy and in the implementation of activities. Additionally, the Fund aimed to strengthen the role of citizens in the creation of a Multilateral Development Agenda and awareness of the MDGs.

In 2009, a US$ 1.7 million agreement was signed to support the initiative ‘Human Development Platform 2010: Civic Participation for the MDGs and New Multilateralism’, a programme led by the Civil Society Unit of UNDP in collaboration with the United Nations Millennium Campaign.


Our partners were critical to our work. Through our collaborative approach, we increased dialogue and coordination not only between different UN Agencies, but also amongst Government Ministries. The following chart illustrates the number of different partners we brought together, revealing a clear focus on the local level, where more than 600 municipal governments were at the forefront of our work.