Knowledge Management


Our collaborative and intersectoral approach involving over 25 UN organizations and hundreds of governmental and non-governmental partners is generating valuable learnings. Sharing these experiences as they emerge from the joint formulation, implementation and monitoring process is an important contribution that we are investing in.

Our two pillar knowledge management system will respond to the demand for knowledge networks that foster dialogue and interaction amongst colleagues from UN Agencies, joint programmes and national institutions increasing their access to each others learnings and experiences nationally, regionally and globally. It will also consolidate some of the good practices that are generated through joint programme implementation which can then be used for future initiatives.

The first pillar is Teamworks, an electronic Platform that is being developed as an interactive mechanism for exchanging information and experiences related to our 8 programme areas and to the opportunities andconstraints inherent in joint programming. This system is intended to be friendly and accessible resembling e xisting social networking sites.

The second pillar will be led by the UN Convenor Agencies that have been responsible for coordinating the review of proposals submitted for each MDG-F programme area. Each Agency has submitted a knowledge documenting and sharing proposal that links up the technical expertise of the relevant agencies within a specific MDG-F programme area. These proposals have recently been submitted for approval to the MDG-F Steering Committee and are being reviewed.

Knowledge Management Proposals