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Caracterización y Diagnóstico de Producción y Empresarialidad Agropecuaria en los municipios de Cacaopera, Guatajiagua y San Simón en el Departamento de Morazán, El Salvador

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Improving the efficiency of the Ethiopian edible oil value chain

Ethiopia’s oilseeds commodity production and edible oil processing industry remain, to a large extent, underdeveloped and cheap, imported palm oil has put the local edible oil industry under additional pressure.

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Baseline Investigation of Horticulture Value Chain in Upper Egypt

The “pro poor Horticulture Chain in Upper Egypt project” was a joint programme between specialized agencies and entities of the United Nations working in collaboration with national counterparts. The overall objective of the ... full view »


Climate Resilient Farming Communities in Agusan del Norte Through Innovative Risk Transfer Mechanisms. An Applicability Assessment Report on the Social Amelioration Program

This report was part of a project that aimed to develop and test financial safety nets for vulnerable populations, especially women, and to develop the capacities of vulnerable populations to participate and avail of the benefits under ... full view »


Implementation Process for Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture

Climate change adaptation can be considered as a socio-institutional learning process. As climate change impacts change over time, adaptation cannot be a one-off intervention, rather, it should be understood as a flexible and iterative ... full view »


Policy Brief to Climate Change Adaptation of Agricultural Sector

This policy brief provides an overview of the Egyptian agricultural sector, identifies key challenges facing agriculture and the need for new policy, estimates financial resources needed and savings, as well as offers policy recommendations ... full view »