General Assessment of the Water Supply Sector and Its Human Development Function in Bosnia and Herzegovina



This document analyzes the water supply sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the program “Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure” led by UNDP. By taking a participative approach, the aim of the document is to asses (i) organizational status of water utility companies, (ii) current municipal, cantonal, entity and state level legislation on the water supply sector and (iii) available structures for social protection welfare and public health, with the goal to ensure equitable and safe water supply and capacities of municipal governance systems.

The research focuses in 20 municipalities and analyzes four different levels: water utility companies, municipal level (administrations in charge of utility affairs, costumers, local population, competent administration for refugees and returnees), entity level (water and environmental sector, social welfare sector, associations of water utilities) and the state level (competent authority for water and environment).

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