Country story


Fighting back the desert in Mauritania

Villagers across this Saharan country are reclaiming land from the sand dunes, replanting trees and rebuilding their lives with the support of the MDG-F.

Rebuilding broken bridges in Mauritania

Once friendly, villages divided by ethnic tensions are rebuilding their relations through an MDG-F programme to reduce conflict and improve understanding.

Combatting malnutrition in Mauritania

When Zenabou Mint Magha brought her child to the MDG-F-funded feeding center, the 7-month-old baby was near death. Today, she's on the road to recovery.

Traditions as tools against poverty and unemployment

The MDG-F builds livelihoods in Mauritania through micro-credit loans to artisans, arts festivals and support to the tourism industry.

Building resilience in drought-stricken Mauritanian communities

The MDG-F is helping to combat an alarming increase in malnutrition in two southeastern regions of Mauritania, where 40% of children are moderately to severely malnourished.