Country story


MDG-F spurs rural development in Serbia

The MDG-F is funding efforts to boost tourism in Serbia’s rural areas, where unemployment is high and nearly one in ten people live below the poverty line.

How do I draw the “Right to love?”

Children of different ethnicities get to know each other through art, song and dance at an MDG-F peace-building workshop in southern Serbia.

Securing equal rights for Serbia’s Roma minority

21-year-old Anita Jovic recently received her first state-issued ID card, entitling her to all the rights of a citizen -- one of 250 members of Serbia's Roma minority who are no longer legally invisible, thanks to assistance from the MDG-F.

The Vlasina Lake Housewives : Building peace in South Serbia

27 women have formed an UN-backed cooperative to boost incomes in one of the country’s least developed regions, one jam jar at a time.

More than 2000 unemployed Serbian youth get training and jobs

MDG-F helps disadvantaged young people become more employable through grants, training and work placements in companies.

A new life in Serbia

“After having spent nearly 10 years in a collective center, we are now starting a new life.” Orhan and Mersiha Kurtesi recently bought a house for their family with the help of the MDG-F and a UN program to provide permanent homes for people displaced by the Kosovo war.