Timor Oriental: Proyecto conjunto del UNICEF y el PMA sobre seguridad alimentaria y nutrición en Timor-Leste


The proposed UNICEF-WFP joint project is expected to have an impact on access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food, at all times, to meet dietary needs for an active and healthy life and the information and counselling on improved feeding and caring practices by women and children by 2011.

The project’s focus will be on infant and young child feeding, nutrients commodities and micro-nutrients supplementation, community management of acute malnutrition linked with supplementary feeding, and establishment of a food security and nutrition surveillance system. The project will also endeavour innovation of implementation modalities as basis for scaling-up effective interventions such as multiple micronutrients (Sprinkles) supplementation and salt iodization.

El programa conjunto en acción

Datos clave

Duración del programa 13 de noviembre 2009 - 31 de marzo 2013
Financiación $3,500,000
Agencias de la ONU participantes FAO, UNICEF, PMA, OMS
Socios nacionales Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MTCI), Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS)
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