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Life free of violence

This document collects different programmes and tools implemented in five countries, the successful outcomes of which are worth sharing to put an end to gender violence. The document discusses five programmes conducted in Bangladesh, Colombia, ... full view »


Freedom of violence

This document presents lessons and results of specific relevance to shaping the post-2015 development framework in regards to freedom from violence against women and girls.

It presents case studies of 7 different programmes ... full view »


Making Joint Gender Programmes Work. Guide for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

This guide sets out how to improve the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of joint gender programmes (JPG). It helps address some of the less tangible areas that are often constraints to JGP success, such as power dynamics ... full view »


The Value added of Joint Gender Programmes. Findings and recommendations to the wider community of UN agencies engaging in joint programming

This paper provides an overview and an analysis of joint gender programmes funded through the MDG-F Gender Equality window that are linked to the achievement of MDG3: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

The primary ... full view »


Seeds of Knowledge. Contributing to Climate Change Solutions

This booklet is a compilation of 24 lessons learned from the 17 UN Joint Programmes funded by the MDG-F with a focus on the environment and climate change. Each lesson learned is a history at the country-level of the challenges faced and the ... full view »


Case Study on Strengthening Women’s Leadership. Panama Joint Programme

This case studies a Joint Programme (JP) that was aimed at reducing gaps in safe water and sanitation public services by empowering citizens in excluded rural and indigenous areas in the Bisira and Kankintu communities in Panama. It also ... full view »


Joint programme Synthesis Review of Goals, Strategies and Cross-Cutting Themes

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Availability of Web-based knowlege materials on water and sanitation

This study is part of the Knowledge Management Programme for the programmatic area of Democratic Economic Governance, the purpose of which is to document, discuss, disseminate and replicate the innovations and experiences collected in ... full view »


Online sharing of Water and Sanitation Knowledge

Sharing good practices, lessons learned and useful experiences from water and sanitation development project programs and initiatives are important to enhance efficient project development and implementation of water and sanitation projects. ... full view »


Assessing political commitment with nutrition and food safety

The document presents the main conclusions and results arising from the application of a fast assessment tool in 10 countries aimed at measuring the political commitment of countries with food safety and at identifying opportunities for making ... full view »