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General Assessment of the Water Supply Sector and Its Human Development Function in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This document analyzes the water supply sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the program “Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure” led by UNDP. By taking a participative approach, the ... full view »


National Study on the Customer Services of the Albanian Water Utility Companies

This Report has been prepared to assist the Water Regulatory Authority of Albania to assess the level of Customer Services as compared to international best practice in order to improve Customer Services in the water utilities. This innovative ... full view »


The access in water supply and sewerage in the informal urban settlements and rural areas in five districts of Albania

This document presents an assessment on the access to water and wastewater services in 29 communes which are outside the service coverage areas of the Water and Wastewater Companies. The objective of the study is to help Albania to adapt the ... full view »