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An Evidence-based Review of MDG-F Experiences to Date: A Contribution to the QCPR Process

This document was prepared by the MDG-F in 2012 to systemize its experience to date in joint programming and implementation through its 130 joint programmes in 50 countries across five regions in eight thematic areas. The document includes ... full view »


A review of practices from joint programmes of the United Nations

The youth employment and migration practices that are documented in this publication are a product of the Knowledge Management Facility on Youth Employment and Migration. The practices that are contained in this publication were presented and ... full view »


Evaluation of the Platform HD2010

The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a ‘big picture’ perspective on the extent to which the Platform HD programme has strengthened UN-civil society relations and policy dialogue on a range of development outcomes, ... full view »


Towards a Peoples’ Multilateralism: The United Nations, Development Networks and Civil Society

This paper is an attempt to review and synthesize the main literature, arguments, theories and proposals coming from academia, civil society, politicians and commentators on the “new multilateralism”– a complex, multilayered ... full view »


Complex Global Schoks and the New Challenges for civil society

Events surrounding the global financial crash of 2008 have crystallised a view that the speed with which economic shocks are transmitted around the world has accelerated and that the shocks are increasingly complex in nature.

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Engaging with the urban poor and their organizations for poverty reduction and urban governance. An issues paper for the United Nations Development Programme

There is a hugely important poverty reduction process in urban areas that is rarely noticed by international agencies and hardly ever documented – the successes of particular urban poor groups in what they do and in how they negotiate ... full view »


Arab Civil Society Power Transactions Locally and Multilaterally By Hoda Badran (PhD)

The term civil society (CS) has been used in a broad sense to describe a Third Sector existing alongside, and interacting with, the State and the Market. The concept includes a range of formal and informal organizations, namely ... full view »


Results of a Participatory Assessment National and Local Capacities for Strengthening Inter-Ethnic Dialogue and Collaboration

The findings and recommendations in this report are taken directly from a broad series of
consultations with stakeholders at local and national levels in Macedonia aimed at supporting inter-ethnic dialogue and collaboration in the ... full view »


To Support Dispute Resolution in Multicultural Communities

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide an overview for citizens, local governments and community-based organizations on practices that can be used to resolve disputes in multicultural communities. This Handbook also aims to orient its ... full view »


Knowldge Management for Culture and Development. MDG-F Joint Programmes in COSTA RICA, ECUADOR, HONDURAS, NICARAGUA and URUGUAY

This publication is part of series that seeks to present the Knowledge Management project on culture and development and provide information on the five Joint Programmes implemented in Latin America between 2008 and 2013. It provides an ... full view »