Children jumping into the river


Photographer: Frankie Lugo
Location: Community by the Sisa River in Curaray Lorocachi, Pastaza Province

"The indigenous cultures have a natural and harmonious relationship with the rainforest, and they show us clearly that "You are truly rich not if you have more, but if you need nothing" - in other words, these children are happy with what they have around them and don't need sophisticated toys to have fun. Life here revolves around nature and everything that she offers for people's daily sustenance: food, clothing, medicine and shelter."

The Yasuní Biosphere Reserve has enormous cultural diversity, including the Huaorani indigenous people, Afro-Ecuadorian populations and residents and farmers from different provinces of Ecuador and Colombia. Several indigenous tribes live deep in the rainforest in voluntary isolation from the modern world. The MDG-F-funded joint UN programme contributes to protecting these isolated groups, as well as improving the welfare of vulnerable populations in Yasuní by developing ways for them to earn livelihoods while preserving their unique environment.

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