Water is a sacred gift


"Water is a sacred gift and we must care for every drop. Water is running out."

How do we use water? Boys and girls who participated in an MDG-F-supported drawing competition learned that taking a shower consumes an average of twenty liters per minute, so that a ten minute shower uses one hundred liters of water. To save water, we should take shorter showers and turn the water off while lathering up.

According to Quito's Yakú Museum (water in the Quechua language), over a third of the water consumed daily in Ecuador is used for flushing the toilet, while 4% is used for food, 8 % for washing dishes, another 8% for housekeeping and gardening and 15% for washing clothes.

Drawing by Esteban Salas, Johan Amos Comenios School (Quito)

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