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Ying Yang Bao: Improving complementary feeding for China’s children

Ying Yang Bao (YYB) are micronutrient sachets developed by Chinese scientists that are an in-home complementary food supplement. They were developed in order to improve the health and nutrition status of children in rural China.

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The Filipino Youth and the Employment-Migration Nexus

This report analyses the international migration patterns for employment in the Philippines and offers suggestions on how to respond to them. Presently more than 10% of the national population is based abroad. This study also aims to better ... full view »


Youth Migration from the Philippines: Brain Drain and Brain Waste

This study examines the whether or not the high percentage of professionals among youth working abroad could be construed as a form of brain drain. It looks at the underlying sources of the high propensity of Filipinos to seek jobs overseas ... full view »


CAIRTIM- Campaign Against Illegal Recruitment, Trafficking and Irregular Migration

This Trainer’s Manual is intended for individuals engaged in providing trainings and counselling to prospective migrants. It was designed to fit the needs and capabilities of both experienced and novice trainers.

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Youth´s final inclusion Policy Reform Study. Case Study of youth in post and ongoing conflict . Blue Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan areas

The main objective of this study is to review the opportunities and challenges that face the demand side of targeted young people, especially women and vulnerable groups in microfinance. It also seeks to review policies, programmes and ... full view »


Creating an Evidence Base for Effective Vocational and Livelihoods Training

This report presents a comparative analysis of twenty four skills and market assessments undertaken between May 2011 and December 2012. It provides an overview of the methodology used as well as an in depth analysis into local market dynamics ... full view »


Research Report on Migrant Workers in High-risk Industry

This report is a result of a survey in the four Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Tianjin City, Jiaozua and Cangzhou. Nearly 1,000 questionnaires were received and more than 100 interviews were conducted with department leaders who are familiar with ... full view »


Adaptation to Climate Change in Semi-Arid Environments Experience and Lessons from Mozambique

This document describes the experiences, successes and challenges being faced in implementing climate change adaptation interventions in one of the most remote districts where very few development agencies are operating. It identifies, at farm ... full view »


Integrated Policy Paper for Pro-Poor Water Supply and Sanitation

The recognition of the human right to water supply and sanitation implies that the state accepts its responsibility to respect, protect and fulfill this right. For about 18 million Filipinos that do not have access to safe water and for the 10 ... full view »


Analysis of Supreme Court -Water Related Cases from 1901 to 2010 and Policy Recomendations

This analysis contributed to a 3-year Joint Programme (JP) entitled “Enhancing Access to and Provision of Water Services with the Active Participation of the Poor” in the Philippines. The JP aimed to enhance provision of and access ... full view »