Capital Montevideo
Population 3.4 Million
Life Expectancy 76.35
Access to clean water 100 %
Adult literacy 98 %
Under five mortality 11.32 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $12,400

Our Joint Programmes

Strengthening Cultural Industries and improving access to the cultural goods and services of Uruguay
Though Uruguay has recovered from the severe economic crisis of 2002 and has enjoyed sustained economic growth, it still suffers from inequalities, social exclusion and marginalization, leaving vulnerable populations - many of them women, children and adolescents -- without access to goods, services and basic rights. This Joint Programme aimed at improving access to cultural goods and services, promoting cultural expressions and developing cultural industries in order to boost the country's economic integration, expand its domestic market, attract quality jobs, promote the participation of women, and strengthen social cohesion.


Art helps Uruguay's inmates transition from prison

Uruguay uses support from the MDG-F and a creative approach to help soon-to-be-released inmates prepare for life outside the prison walls: musical theater.