Capital Mexico City
Population 111.2 million
Life Expectancy 76.06
Access to clean water 95%
Adult literacy 91%
Under five mortality 18.42 per 1,000 live births
GDP per head (US$ PPP) $14,200

Our Joint Programmes

Establishing effective and democratic water and sanitation (W&S) management in Mexico to support the achievement of the MDGs
Although the states of Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz account for most of Mexico's water resources, water and sanitation service coverage is very uneven due to socioeconomic factors, ethnicity and gender inequality. The aim of this Joint Programme was to improve the integrated management of water in peri-urban and rural areas of Mexico and to combat poverty from the standpoint of environmental sustainability and gender equality. The programme contributed to achieving MDGs 1, 3 and 7 by diminishing inequalities in accessing an essential resource, particularly for women and the poor.
Conflict prevention, development of agreements and peace building for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Chiapas State
The 1994 clash between the Mexican State and the Zapatista resulted in tens of thousands of people being driven off their land. Many of these remain displaced, fueling strife and perpetuating poverty in Mexico's least developed state. The aim of this Joint Programme was to reduce conflict and tension in 25 communities in Chiapas by strengthening the criminal justice system, improving security and developing a culture of peace.


MDG-F helped lower conflict in Mexican state

A joint UN programme improved access to justice and the rights of displaced people, and promoted a culture of peace in Chiapas.


Mexican state passes law to protect rights of internally displaced

Legislation developed with MDG-F support contains highest standards of human rights protection for 6,000 families displaced by religious strife, armed conflict and natural disasters in Chiapas.


Mexico says it is close to achieving Millennium Development Goals

Universal primary education and child nutrition targets already met; poverty goal is in sight.



Towards a culture of peace and respect in Chiapas

The MDG-F supports police training to instill the importance of caring for people with dignity and respect in conflict-prone southeastern Mexico.


Land deeds and patience produce peace in Chiapas village

An MDG-F-supported programme mediates tensions and resolves property disputes in the troubled Mexican state.